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Group ID Number: 3920 Agent A25


Prices are based on the number of adults, 21 or older, in each room


Single Double Triple Quad Child

Air Inclusive $696.00 $619.00 $619.00 $619.00 $549.00

Extra Person in Room N/A $175.00 $175.00 $175.00 $0.00


Add on for each one way interisland flight $92.00.

Air inclusive passengers are subject to federal tax, currently $42.00

Taxes include $5.00 Security Fee, $3.00 Passenger Facility Fee in Honolulu and $3.00 Passenger Facility Fee in Las Vegas.
Federal Tax, Fuel Add-ons, Fees, and Interisland prices are subject to change and will be charged at the current rate on the day individuals are reserved.

Optional Cancellation Insurance will be added to each passenger. Premium: $45.00


Thu, Apr 7, 2011 Omni Flt 107 leaves Honolulu International Terminal,

Lobby 6 at 2:05 PM


Arrives Las Vegas McCarran Terminal 2 at 10:45 PM


California Hotel Hawaiian Package Group ID Number 3920


Tue, Apr 12, 2011 Omni Flt 110 leaves Las Vegas McCarran Terminal 2 at 7:25 PM


Arrives Honolulu International Terminal, Lobby 6 at 10:45 PM,

Baggage Claim E


All packages include round trip transfers between the airport and hotel, baggage handling for two standard suitcases, and taxes. You are responsible for all incidental charges, including telephone, billed to your room. Meal coupons are provided for adults, 21 years of age or older, only. Persons under 21 receive no meals.


Vacations-Hawaii will honor the prices quoted above for reservations made no later than February 20, 2011 provided the reservations are made for the flights and hotel listed above. Vacations-Hawaii does not guarantee any space whatsoever and reserves the right to limit the maximum number of seats sold at this price to 50 seats. When making reservations you must refer to FARRINGTON CLASS OF 56 by name. Our standard payment policies apply and all bookings are subject to the Passengers Tour Contract. Absolutely no refunds or rebates will be given to passengers who are already ticketed at other rates. No free seats are earned, none will be granted. Canceled seats are counted as part of our 50 seat allotment.


All cancellations or changes after ticketing will be subject to the Participants Tour Contract.