Hi Sharon, Stan, Walter, Rosita, Betty, and Daniel,
Please let me know your preferences re the following tentative schedule of events.  I am particularly interested in finding out if the times proposed for the luncheon on 9/18/10 and the no host cocktail/heavy pupu gatherings are acceptable, or whether it should be changed.
David Shimogawa, class of '55, has provided me with a schedule of their 2010 events and invited anyone from our class to join them at any of the events - should we mail a copy of the class of '55 events scheduled in 2010 when we mail out our own reunion flyers?  Also, please let me know whether you feel we should schedule additional casual small group (10 to 25 individuals) events. 
Walter Omori has graciously offered to host a potluck at his Pearl City home for classmates who are interested.  Should we perhaps schedule a holiday potluck in early December at Walter's home?  Also, if you feel a few of our classmates would enjoy getting together regularly in small groups, can you suggest type of events to plan in 2010?
Here is the list of tentative events:
3/13/2010     No host cocktail/heavy pupu gathering - 4:00 to 8:00 p.m. - very casual.
                   Venue:  Hale Koa or Fort Shafter
9/18/2010     Luncheon at Treetops Restaurant at Paradise Park - 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. -
                   informal with buffet lunch, very short program (mainly for announcements),
                   and mostly to allow classmates to chit-chat with each other.
3/12/2011     Same as planned for 3/13/2010.
9/16-18/2011     55th reunion in Las Vegas - golf tournament, dinner, sightseeing and/or
                        shopping excursions by bus, or pay-as-you-go breakfast/brunch/lunch for
                        interested small groups of classmates.
Lastly, please let me know whether you feel there would be enough interest to schedule a bus tour and/or cruise during the fall of 2010 (either following the 9/18 luncheon or in early October) through the New England area and Canada to enjoy the fall colors.
I will fax Larry the above request and speak to Donald as I do not have email addresses for them.  Also, do you feel as a committee we should get together at least once before the flyers are mailed out?  If so, what times are best for you?  As soon as I receive your feedback on the above, I will draft the letter to be mailed out to our classmates and email it to you for your comments and approval.
Please feel free to call me at 680-0705 (home/fax) or 371-5423 (cell) if you have any questions or would like to discuss the above with me.

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