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September 21, 2009


Dear Classmates,


I am writing to everyone that I know of who has worked on a class reunion(s) in the past, asking for your help and input to plan our next class reunion.  First, I want to mention that I still work an average of 25-30 hours weekly at my home-based accounting business, so although I have agreed to coordinate the efforts of a committee to plan future class reunion events, if there is someone willing to lead the group in my stead (perhaps someone who is fully retired and have time), please let me know.  In the meantime I will do my best to get things rolling.


It is difficult to find a good place to meet so for the first meeting, I thought we could meet at Kenny’s Restaurant at 10:00 a.m. on Tuesday, September 29th.  If you can suggest a better meeting time or place, please let me know.  Also, if you know of any classmate(s) who can help on the committee, please invite them to the meeting (a list of classmates this letter is being mailed or emailed to will follow at the end).  I suggest you even email or mail them a copy of this letter.


To assist in having a productive, yet not too long a meeting, please email or call me with your thoughts/ideas of the following, so I can present a written summary of the committee members’ preferences on the 29th:


1.      How often should future events be planned?

2.      Should mini-events be planned, together with major events, and information mailed out at the same time?

3.      How often should reunion locations (Oahu and off-island) be changed?

4.      Is there interest in participating in other classes’ reunion activities (1954, 1955, 1957, 1958, etc.)?  Other classes have indicated open invitations to our class to join them on events such as cruises and other vacation-type holidays.

5.      How often should the reunion committee meet and can more coordination be done via email or the telephone with information passed along to all committee members in the same manner, rather than hold regular meetings often?


The next is a list of teams that I feel will contribute to making work equitable and easier for the committee members:  venue (menu/pricing/reservation/set-ups), program (entertainment/music), door prizes, decorations, special events or activities, and mailings (mail-outs of information and tracking of responses).  Please let me know what other tasks may need a team leader.  Even if each team consists of only one or two members, I feel it would be less work for the entire committee if tasks were broken down into smaller responsibilities.


Now I will share my personal suggestions on possible reunion events:


1.       Theme-2010.   A reunion in the spring (April) or fall (mid-September) of 2010 with the theme of celebrating our “Tiger” Chinese year, as most of us are probably Tigers.  Chinese New Year will take place on February 14, 2010.  We could have lunch/dinner with a Chinese menu or buffet, hire lion dancers and perhaps even get a permit for fireworks if the venue is suitable.

2.      Accommodations.  Seek a good kamaaina price at a local hotel resort where rooms can be blocked off for classmates who are interested in spending a weekend of reunion events without the hassle of driving.  A 1957 Kauai high school recently spent their 70th birthday reunion at the Hale Koa with rooms reserved by classmates with military privileges.  An enlisted personnel room averaged $82/night and could sleep four. 

3.      Specific Events.  If only one major event is desired by the majority of committee members, then I would prefer a luncheon, as I do not like to drive at night.  However, if the committee members like the idea of spending a weekend at a hotel resort, then possibly a no-host cocktail party (with the reunion committee paying for heavy pupus) can be scheduled on Friday night, followed by a major event on Saturday.  Other optional events for only those who are interested could be joining others for golf, breakfast, brunch, or whatever interest individual groups of classmates may want to participate in.

4.      Fall of 2011.  Cruise for interested classmates.  Usually a group of 33-35 can be escorted by a local travel agent.

5.      Spring or Summer of 2012.  Mini-reunion get-together off-island.

6.      75th Birthday Celebration – 2013.


The input of those who can help but unable to be at the meeting, even those who cannot actively participate in the planning of events, and classmates you might run into will be appreciated.  Please call me with your suggestions, preferences, comments, etc. as soon as possible.  Let’s work together and make it easy on everyone.  Looking forward to hearing from you and our classmates – thank you very, very much.




Deanne (Takeshita) Kekoolani

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